• William Hawrelak Park (or just Hawrelak Park) is a park in Edmonton, Alberta. Once in the past known as Mayfair Park, Mayfair Park was at first going to be formed into a 500 parcel subdivision, anyway when the Strathcona Land Syndicate relinquished their expenses the city got the title for the land in 1922. This land laid unused until 1954, when ebb and flow Mayor William Hawrelak proposed to make a 350 section of land riverside park here as it would "fit into the general park improvement of the City along the lines of the zoo, and the greens and other cookout regions". 


    The burrowing of the man-made lakes started in 1959 and later was finished in 1964 however had couple of offices. The official opening day of Mayfair Park was July first 1967. It was renamed in 1982 for William Hawrelak, who passed on in office in 1975 while filling in as city hall leader of Edmonton.

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     9330 Groat Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2A8, Canada

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